Mobile payment is developed fast in China

At present, China’s mobile payment has been a global leader. WeChat, Alipay and other payment platform in recent years the rapid development of the national “no cash” to promote the way of life.

From alternative cash, wallet, to even the bank card do not need to carry, as long as there is a mobile phone in his hand, at any time “sweep” can be completed to pay. Today, in the Internet based on a better second-tier cities, without wallet out has become normal. In the three or four lines of the city and even the village, the growth rate of mobile payment can not be ignored. According to “2016 China Rural consumer business trend report” shows that the current rural areas of online payment and the city comparable. As the rural financial network is underdeveloped, mobile payment can bypass the bank network access and other functional links, which evolved into a new form of transactions.

According to the Financial Times website, the mobile payment platform is rapidly expanding in China, China is turning into a cashless society and skipping credit cards in the process.

According to China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released the report shows that as of the end of last year, China’s mobile Internet users to pay the scale of 469 million people, the annual growth rate of 31.2%, Internet users to pay the proportion of online payment from 57.7% to 67.5%. Mobile payment to the line to pay the field of rapid infiltration, greatly enriched the payment scene, 50.3% of Internet users online shopping online use mobile payment settlement.

According to Alipay data show that in 2016 the proportion of mobile payment accounted for the overall proportion of more than 70%, per capita payment has also increased significantly. Among them, Shanghai per capita payment reached 148,000 yuan, Zhejiang, Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities also broke through 10 million.

How far is the 114mall from the actual e-commerce?

In terms of goods, the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters from the two categories of goods and prices, the 114MALL mall and other business platform to do some comparison and found that 114MALL products, although relatively cheap, but the commodity category is not enough.

COFCO I buy a network is a large domestic fresh food class business platform, 114MALL compared with the price to occupy more advantages. To the import of love morning dawn full fat and skim milk, for example, the same is 1 liter 12 boxes, 114MALL and I buy the network price is 99 yuan, 114MALL in Beijing, the freight is 8 yuan, I buy a network in Beijing The freight within the 10.6 yuan.

In the COFCO I buy online, 26.8 yuan can buy 1900g Xinjiang pear, need to add 10 yuan freight, an average of 19.37 yuan per kilogram, 114MALL platform with 69.8 yuan can buy 4000g Xinjiang pear, an average of 17.45 yuan per kilogram, but also 包邮, Relatively cheap. In addition, the navel orange in the price I buy online for every 10 pounds 59 yuan, that is, 5.9 yuan per kilogram; 114MALL on every 5 pounds 29.9 yuan, the average is down 5.9 yuan per catty, the price is almost, but the COFCO navel orange species are more, More choice of weight.

Compared with the price, 114MALL in the commodity category is not dominant. Imported food, COFCO I buy the net product classification is very clear, the category is divided into imported fresh, imported fruit, imported food and imported straight mining, each category is divided into several sub-categories. Such as imported fresh meat is divided into imported lamb, imported beef, imported pork and imported seafood, imported beef and in accordance with the brand, cutting parts, raw materials and other standards were divided; in imported food, divided into imported milk / milk powder, Cakes, imported drinks / water, imported dinette and other nine categories, of which imported milk / milk powder and then divided into imported box milk, imported milk, imported adult milk powder, imported yogurt / beverage four products, each product continues to follow the brand, Capacity, fat content, taste and other standards to do the division. It can be said that I buy the net classification of goods is very detailed, more convenient for consumers to select the conditions you want to find the product.

114MALL although there are generally classified, but not particularly meticulous. From imported food to imported dairy products, and then to milk, followed by the capacity of the classification, is the final search page, no longer according to the brand, fat content, taste, etc. to make a division.
From the quantitative point of view, 114MALL relatively small variety of goods. To import fruit, for example, 114MALL page only 12 search results, I bought the network has 77 related products, the difference between the two more than five times; in the category of imported beverages, I buy a network of 135 related products, 114MALL only 38 The gap is not small. In addition, 114MALL platform mobile phone products only Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other countable several major brands, which can provide Apple phone only iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 series, mobile search a large number of data lines, headphones And other products mixed among them, the contrast, Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other platforms have a richer electronic products.

Wal-mart increase the holdings of Jingdong in the same year for three times

On June 21, 2016, Wal-Mart announced that it would sell its main assets to Jingdong, while Wal-Mart would receive a total of 145 million A Class of common shares in Jingdong, about 5% of the total issued share capital of Jingdong. In accordance with the then Jingdong stock price calculation, the transaction price of about 1.5 billion US dollars. In addition to the replacement of the shares, the two sides also announced that it will reach a series of strategic cooperation and coverage of online and offline retail market, including Sam’s membership store will be opened in the Jingdong platform official flagship store, Wal-Mart stores will access Jingdong Group investment logistics Platform “Dada” and O2O electricity platform “Jingdong home” and the two sides will cooperate in the supply chain side.

October 2016, Wal-Mart announced the holdings of Jingdong shares to 10.8%, Sam’s membership stores settled in Jingdong, Wal-Mart opened in Jingdong cross-border electric business Wal-Mart global flagship store, more than 20 Wal-Mart shopping mall on the line O2O platform “Jingdong home.” At the same time, Wal-Mart also announced a $ 50 million strategic investment in fresh platform Xinda.

The industry generally believe that the purpose of Wal-Mart holdings of Jingdong investment is very clear: hope that through the shares of Jingdong, quickly into the whole category of online business, combined with their own line advantage and Jingdong common expansion O2O business. “Wal-Mart continues to increase capital Jingdong, not just a simple financial investment, but the strategic stake, even at high prices from the secondary market continue to buy, which means that Wal-Mart as Jingdong for China’s strategy, and even the global business strategy is the most critical step. “Tencent, Jingdong strategic analyst Li Chengdong that shares Jingdong Wal-Mart is the future to achieve an important step in the transformation of the future Wal-Mart may be through different forms and Jingdong continue to strengthen relations.

Research on the Electronic Commerce Industrial Park

On February 9, Xing’an League deputy secretary, allies Qi Ba map came to the Union e-commerce industrial park research e-commerce development and innovation and entrepreneurship work carried out. Union members, vice president Yu Xu Bao, Deputy Director of the Union Department Sui Weijun along with research.

Qi Ba map and his entourage visited the electric business industry park under the experience of the exhibition hall Mengjia Hall, the flag of the county hall display of green organic products, and then came to Arrows public space, a street, technical service center, etc. , The industrial park of the functional layout, business settled, operating mode, etc. were a detailed understanding of the situation.

In the E-commerce industrial park O2O experience museum, Qi Ba map asked in detail about the development concept of the industrial park, business model, the target market, etc., to the business innovation business model to give affirmation, encourage enterprises to promote online and offline depth of integration, so that people Buy more and better convenience goods. Qi Ba map pointed out that the electricity industry to achieve vigorous development, a strong warehouse logistics industry support is an important foundation. Relevant departments should co-ordinate plans, focus on long-term, and actively introduce large-scale warehousing logistics and distribution enterprises, to promote the construction of modern logistics system. To increase marketing efforts to enhance the Xingye Museum of foreign visibility and influence. To further study the electricity industry on the real economy driven effect, take the initiative to do a good job docking and services, and actively help our leading enterprises rely on modern marketing tools to speed up the transformation and development, enhance market competitiveness.

During the course of the research, Qi Ba map also came to the business community, the commercial business of the students, the entrepreneurial team of the students, and the entrepreneurial relationship, to understand the aspirations of the entrepreneurs, to explore the entrepreneurial path, to encourage entrepreneurs to Establish confidence, speed up the pace of development, enhance market competitiveness, and asked the relevant departments to fully stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, talent pool to bring advantage, sincerely for the entrepreneurial talent to provide intimate, efficient, high-quality business services to solve everyone In the process of business difficulties and problems encountered, so that entrepreneurs focus, focus on intellectual entrepreneurship, so that more start-up enterprises and incubation projects to accelerate the development of early growth, to promote the economic development of the League to make a positive contribution.

Wal-Mart will integrate the procurement operations

Wal-Mart said to some of its suppliers that the company is improving its procurement process for itself and its suppliers to enhance collaboration between procurement teams. Wal-Mart will also use the physical aspects of the store’s professional, for the electricity business for the lowest price.

Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon (Marcgore) and the new chief business officer Marc Lore (MarcLore) is trying to narrow the gap between Wal-Mart and Amazon to strengthen Wal-Mart in the US electricity market competitiveness. Lor is the founder of, Wal-Mart acquired last year, lol joined the Wal-Mart. His mission is to activate Wal-Mart’s online business. Under his leadership, Wal-Mart has launched a free two-day delivery service.

According to sources, Wal-Mart said the company plans to introduce these adjustments later this week with the supplier’s meeting.

Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez (Lorenzo Lopez) said on Monday that Wal-Mart hopes to develop a “more efficient process to accelerate the Wal-Mart stores all kinds of goods into the Wal-Mart site.” In addition, Wal-Mart expects the site procurement team will focus on expanding the commercial category of electricity providers.

In the future, Wal-Mart’s store purchasing team will be unified for the store and website for procurement. According to sources, in Wal-Mart’s new system, the sale of goods in the store will also be able to sell online.

    “At present, Amazon’s operating practices are very low for us and their efficiency, for example, they will purchase 5 million products in the store, online procurement of 500 products, and online sales of products need to pass through,” said a large consumer product provider. It ‘s very troublesome for the different purchasers.

Amazon enters the costume industry

Amazon fashion department clothing vice president Jeff once said in a meeting, Amazon has a blank area of ​​clothing. When consumers want to buy new clothes, shoes, watches and jewelry, will think of Amazon? not yet? Well, Amazon needs to change this situation.

In fact, consumers in the purchase of clothing, absolutely think of Amazon, according to Bloomberg reported that more than 55% of people want to buy clothes will use Amazon (rather than Google) search. But just put it as a purchase of electricity business channel, rather than a clothing brand.

Now Amazon wants to do is to let everyone re-understand it, not just electricity, but also clothing brand. Fashion is a relatively high-margin business, is expected to enhance the performance of the Amazon.

Amazon through the sale of other brands of clothing, including popular consumer CK, TommyHilfiger, Levi’s, etc., mastered a lot of consumer data, snoop to the entire clothing industry, some opportunities, electric business is indeed better at grasping consumer demand, leading consumption Demand, and create new consumer hot spots.

Amazon to enter the footsteps of fashion has not stopped, the abacus hit the promising women’s underwear market. According to the report released by foreign market research firm PMR, 2015-2021 US women’s underwear market revenue is expected to be 5.4% compound annual growth rate expansion, by 2021 the market size will be 16.619 billion US dollars.

Will e-commerce completely defeat the traditional stores?

2016 is VR technology is an important universal universal first year, in addition to HTC, Sony and Oculus and other manufacturers have released hardware devices, the film, games and even live field to VR expansion. But the application of VR technology did not stop there, led by Ali’s electricity business platform is trying to use VR technology, the shopping experience to the limit.

From the history of retail development, shopping has gone through two stages of spot trading and e-commerce, which breaks the time and space constraints of retailing, which has greatly reduced the asymmetry of cargo information over the past decade, but there are also pictures and objects Inconsistent with the situation. Into the VR era, the user’s shopping experience more three-dimensional and all-round, truly real homes can buy the world’s goals.

In the past year, Ali first set up a VR laboratory, followed by the launch of the “God of Creativity Plan” and Buy + two projects. Last year on the eve of the 11th, Buy + in just 10 days to attract more than 8 million users try to vote VR shopping. “Taobao content form, from the text to the picture, and then turn to the video, then the best form of goods should be the product of 3D, this is the inevitable path.” Ali Group senior director Zhuang Zoran said.

VR shopping prospects are beautiful, but how to build a bridge from 2D to 3D. The biggest problem in front of the electricity business platform is how to let businesses in a short time to complete the low-cost commodity information 3D, from the picture text to the video broadcast to the VR shopping, which will greatly test the platform online and offline operations ability.

Who won the spring festival red envelopes war?

Chicken Year Spring Festival red envelope war has come to an end, but this is only a pay point to pay for mobile war. From the 2010 WeChat red envelope “attack” Alipay began, after 3 years, WeChat and Alipay military competition between the never stopped, and the main battlefield is undoubtedly the Spring Festival holiday.

WeChat published data show that this year’s New Year’s Eve to the fifth period of WeChat red envelopes received a total of 46 billion, and Alipay set Wufu activities attracted 168 million users to participate. In addition, this year, QQ replaces the WeChat against Alipay also received good results, during the Spring Festival QQ pay 10% of new users, the success of a group of young tied card users.

As the CCTV Spring Festival Evening on the decline in the user’s attention, coupled with WeChat and Alipay have completed the three or four lines of the city’s sinking, Chicken Spring Festival Evening has not become a battlefield battle. However, a few years ago the market has been to allow users to get used to the Internet red envelopes, but also cultivate the habit of using mobile payment, the use of the scene gradually extended from the Spring Festival to online transactions and financial and offline scenes.

Zhang Xiaolong with WeChat red envelope opened Alipay walls, but Tencent real purpose is the Internet financial business. In addition to financial management stationed in the WeChat and QQ, the golden red envelopes and other social and financial games will debut will produce unpredictable results. For Alipay, the loss of the Spring Festival red envelopes after the high ground, the top spot in the Internet finance can not hand over, then Alipay how to counter the WeChat will be the new inflection point to pay the war.

Why does Jack Ma consider Yintai as the new experimental retail field?

Yintai business as China’s well-known department store chain enterprises, Alibaba Group headquarters in Zhejiang Province, where the development is particularly strong. As of the end of 2013, a total of 36 stores, including 28 department stores and eight shopping centers, with nearly 10 million pieces of product data database system, and about 1.5 million members of the membership system. In addition, Yintai business 16 years of business, the accumulation of brand reputation and long-term and brand partners to establish a partnership, but also an important intangible assets.

In 2010, Ali’s first stake in Intime, analysts believe that Ali shares Intime, it is fancy the latter in the traditional retail industry resources and accumulation. With these offline resources, Ali can quickly access a large number of offline business, in the O2O (line to line) in the field of Happy Valley in the next city.

In addition, in the Shen Guojun and Ma 30.7 billion acquisition of Intime, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong said: “Alibaba Group is taking practical action to embrace the ‘new retail’ brought about by the long-term development opportunities. Internet, real – time user data and technology to enhance operational efficiency, physical retail enterprises will be able to create new value for consumers.