Mobile payment is developed fast in China

At present, China’s mobile payment has been a global leader. WeChat, Alipay and other payment platform in recent years the rapid development of the national “no cash” to promote the way of life.

From alternative cash, wallet, to even the bank card do not need to carry, as long as there is a mobile phone in his hand, at any time “sweep” can be completed to pay. Today, in the Internet based on a better second-tier cities, without wallet out has become normal. In the three or four lines of the city and even the village, the growth rate of mobile payment can not be ignored. According to “2016 China Rural consumer business trend report” shows that the current rural areas of online payment and the city comparable. As the rural financial network is underdeveloped, mobile payment can bypass the bank network access and other functional links, which evolved into a new form of transactions.

According to the Financial Times website, the mobile payment platform is rapidly expanding in China, China is turning into a cashless society and skipping credit cards in the process.

According to China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released the report shows that as of the end of last year, China’s mobile Internet users to pay the scale of 469 million people, the annual growth rate of 31.2%, Internet users to pay the proportion of online payment from 57.7% to 67.5%. Mobile payment to the line to pay the field of rapid infiltration, greatly enriched the payment scene, 50.3% of Internet users online shopping online use mobile payment settlement.

According to Alipay data show that in 2016 the proportion of mobile payment accounted for the overall proportion of more than 70%, per capita payment has also increased significantly. Among them, Shanghai per capita payment reached 148,000 yuan, Zhejiang, Beijing, Fujian, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities also broke through 10 million.

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