How far is the 114mall from the actual e-commerce?

In terms of goods, the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters from the two categories of goods and prices, the 114MALL mall and other business platform to do some comparison and found that 114MALL products, although relatively cheap, but the commodity category is not enough.

COFCO I buy a network is a large domestic fresh food class business platform, 114MALL compared with the price to occupy more advantages. To the import of love morning dawn full fat and skim milk, for example, the same is 1 liter 12 boxes, 114MALL and I buy the network price is 99 yuan, 114MALL in Beijing, the freight is 8 yuan, I buy a network in Beijing The freight within the 10.6 yuan.

In the COFCO I buy online, 26.8 yuan can buy 1900g Xinjiang pear, need to add 10 yuan freight, an average of 19.37 yuan per kilogram, 114MALL platform with 69.8 yuan can buy 4000g Xinjiang pear, an average of 17.45 yuan per kilogram, but also 包邮, Relatively cheap. In addition, the navel orange in the price I buy online for every 10 pounds 59 yuan, that is, 5.9 yuan per kilogram; 114MALL on every 5 pounds 29.9 yuan, the average is down 5.9 yuan per catty, the price is almost, but the COFCO navel orange species are more, More choice of weight.

Compared with the price, 114MALL in the commodity category is not dominant. Imported food, COFCO I buy the net product classification is very clear, the category is divided into imported fresh, imported fruit, imported food and imported straight mining, each category is divided into several sub-categories. Such as imported fresh meat is divided into imported lamb, imported beef, imported pork and imported seafood, imported beef and in accordance with the brand, cutting parts, raw materials and other standards were divided; in imported food, divided into imported milk / milk powder, Cakes, imported drinks / water, imported dinette and other nine categories, of which imported milk / milk powder and then divided into imported box milk, imported milk, imported adult milk powder, imported yogurt / beverage four products, each product continues to follow the brand, Capacity, fat content, taste and other standards to do the division. It can be said that I buy the net classification of goods is very detailed, more convenient for consumers to select the conditions you want to find the product.

114MALL although there are generally classified, but not particularly meticulous. From imported food to imported dairy products, and then to milk, followed by the capacity of the classification, is the final search page, no longer according to the brand, fat content, taste, etc. to make a division.
From the quantitative point of view, 114MALL relatively small variety of goods. To import fruit, for example, 114MALL page only 12 search results, I bought the network has 77 related products, the difference between the two more than five times; in the category of imported beverages, I buy a network of 135 related products, 114MALL only 38 The gap is not small. In addition, 114MALL platform mobile phone products only Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other countable several major brands, which can provide Apple phone only iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 series, mobile search a large number of data lines, headphones And other products mixed among them, the contrast, Jingdong, Suning Tesco and other platforms have a richer electronic products.