Amazon enters the costume industry

Amazon fashion department clothing vice president Jeff once said in a meeting, Amazon has a blank area of ​​clothing. When consumers want to buy new clothes, shoes, watches and jewelry, will think of Amazon? not yet? Well, Amazon needs to change this situation.

In fact, consumers in the purchase of clothing, absolutely think of Amazon, according to Bloomberg reported that more than 55% of people want to buy clothes will use Amazon (rather than Google) search. But just put it as a purchase of electricity business channel, rather than a clothing brand.

Now Amazon wants to do is to let everyone re-understand it, not just electricity, but also clothing brand. Fashion is a relatively high-margin business, is expected to enhance the performance of the Amazon.

Amazon through the sale of other brands of clothing, including popular consumer CK, TommyHilfiger, Levi’s, etc., mastered a lot of consumer data, snoop to the entire clothing industry, some opportunities, electric business is indeed better at grasping consumer demand, leading consumption Demand, and create new consumer hot spots.

Amazon to enter the footsteps of fashion has not stopped, the abacus hit the promising women’s underwear market. According to the report released by foreign market research firm PMR, 2015-2021 US women’s underwear market revenue is expected to be 5.4% compound annual growth rate expansion, by 2021 the market size will be 16.619 billion US dollars.