Wal-Mart will integrate the procurement operations

Wal-Mart said to some of its suppliers that the company is improving its procurement process for itself and its suppliers to enhance collaboration between procurement teams. Wal-Mart will also use the physical aspects of the store’s professional, for the electricity business for the lowest price.

Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon (Marcgore) and the new chief business officer Marc Lore (MarcLore) is trying to narrow the gap between Wal-Mart and Amazon to strengthen Wal-Mart in the US electricity market competitiveness. Lor is the founder of Jet.com, Wal-Mart acquired Jet.com last year, lol joined the Wal-Mart. His mission is to activate Wal-Mart’s online business. Under his leadership, Wal-Mart has launched a free two-day delivery service.

According to sources, Wal-Mart said the company plans to introduce these adjustments later this week with the supplier’s meeting.

Wal-Mart spokesman Lorenzo Lopez (Lorenzo Lopez) said on Monday that Wal-Mart hopes to develop a “more efficient process to accelerate the Wal-Mart stores all kinds of goods into the Wal-Mart site.” In addition, Wal-Mart expects the site procurement team will focus on expanding the commercial category of electricity providers.

In the future, Wal-Mart’s store purchasing team will be unified for the store and website for procurement. According to sources, in Wal-Mart’s new system, the sale of goods in the store will also be able to sell online.

    “At present, Amazon’s operating practices are very low for us and their efficiency, for example, they will purchase 5 million products in the store, online procurement of 500 products, and online sales of products need to pass through,” said a large consumer product provider. It ‘s very troublesome for the different purchasers.