Will e-commerce completely defeat the traditional stores?

2016 is VR technology is an important universal universal first year, in addition to HTC, Sony and Oculus and other manufacturers have released hardware devices, the film, games and even live field to VR expansion. But the application of VR technology did not stop there, led by Ali’s electricity business platform is trying to use VR technology, the shopping experience to the limit.

From the history of retail development, shopping has gone through two stages of spot trading and e-commerce, which breaks the time and space constraints of retailing, which has greatly reduced the asymmetry of cargo information over the past decade, but there are also pictures and objects Inconsistent with the situation. Into the VR era, the user’s shopping experience more three-dimensional and all-round, truly real homes can buy the world’s goals.

In the past year, Ali first set up a VR laboratory, followed by the launch of the “God of Creativity Plan” and Buy + two projects. Last year on the eve of the 11th, Buy + in just 10 days to attract more than 8 million users try to vote VR shopping. “Taobao content form, from the text to the picture, and then turn to the video, then the best form of goods should be the product of 3D, this is the inevitable path.” Ali Group senior director Zhuang Zoran said.

VR shopping prospects are beautiful, but how to build a bridge from 2D to 3D. The biggest problem in front of the electricity business platform is how to let businesses in a short time to complete the low-cost commodity information 3D, from the picture text to the video broadcast to the VR shopping, which will greatly test the platform online and offline operations ability.