Research on the Electronic Commerce Industrial Park

On February 9, Xing’an League deputy secretary, allies Qi Ba map came to the Union e-commerce industrial park research e-commerce development and innovation and entrepreneurship work carried out. Union members, vice president Yu Xu Bao, Deputy Director of the Union Department Sui Weijun along with research.

Qi Ba map and his entourage visited the electric business industry park under the experience of the exhibition hall Mengjia Hall, the flag of the county hall display of green organic products, and then came to Arrows public space, a street, technical service center, etc. , The industrial park of the functional layout, business settled, operating mode, etc. were a detailed understanding of the situation.

In the E-commerce industrial park O2O experience museum, Qi Ba map asked in detail about the development concept of the industrial park, business model, the target market, etc., to the business innovation business model to give affirmation, encourage enterprises to promote online and offline depth of integration, so that people Buy more and better convenience goods. Qi Ba map pointed out that the electricity industry to achieve vigorous development, a strong warehouse logistics industry support is an important foundation. Relevant departments should co-ordinate plans, focus on long-term, and actively introduce large-scale warehousing logistics and distribution enterprises, to promote the construction of modern logistics system. To increase marketing efforts to enhance the Xingye Museum of foreign visibility and influence. To further study the electricity industry on the real economy driven effect, take the initiative to do a good job docking and services, and actively help our leading enterprises rely on modern marketing tools to speed up the transformation and development, enhance market competitiveness.

During the course of the research, Qi Ba map also came to the business community, the commercial business of the students, the entrepreneurial team of the students, and the entrepreneurial relationship, to understand the aspirations of the entrepreneurs, to explore the entrepreneurial path, to encourage entrepreneurs to Establish confidence, speed up the pace of development, enhance market competitiveness, and asked the relevant departments to fully stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, talent pool to bring advantage, sincerely for the entrepreneurial talent to provide intimate, efficient, high-quality business services to solve everyone In the process of business difficulties and problems encountered, so that entrepreneurs focus, focus on intellectual entrepreneurship, so that more start-up enterprises and incubation projects to accelerate the development of early growth, to promote the economic development of the League to make a positive contribution.

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