Who won the spring festival red envelopes war?

Chicken Year Spring Festival red envelope war has come to an end, but this is only a pay point to pay for mobile war. From the 2010 WeChat red envelope “attack” Alipay began, after 3 years, WeChat and Alipay military competition between the never stopped, and the main battlefield is undoubtedly the Spring Festival holiday.

WeChat published data show that this year’s New Year’s Eve to the fifth period of WeChat red envelopes received a total of 46 billion, and Alipay set Wufu activities attracted 168 million users to participate. In addition, this year, QQ replaces the WeChat against Alipay also received good results, during the Spring Festival QQ pay 10% of new users, the success of a group of young tied card users.

As the CCTV Spring Festival Evening on the decline in the user’s attention, coupled with WeChat and Alipay have completed the three or four lines of the city’s sinking, Chicken Spring Festival Evening has not become a battlefield battle. However, a few years ago the market has been to allow users to get used to the Internet red envelopes, but also cultivate the habit of using mobile payment, the use of the scene gradually extended from the Spring Festival to online transactions and financial and offline scenes.

Zhang Xiaolong with WeChat red envelope opened Alipay walls, but Tencent real purpose is the Internet financial business. In addition to financial management stationed in the WeChat and QQ, the golden red envelopes and other social and financial games will debut will produce unpredictable results. For Alipay, the loss of the Spring Festival red envelopes after the high ground, the top spot in the Internet finance can not hand over, then Alipay how to counter the WeChat will be the new inflection point to pay the war.

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